On my first trip Over Seas I figured I better start with the United Kingdom.  After all, they spoke English there and I needed to get accustomed to a "Travelers Life".

The first night I met a Glasgow Scot in a Pub.  I couldn't understand a word the man said.  It took me 4 minutes to realize he was asking for a smoke.  Luckily, I didn't smoke cigarettes, so I couldn't give him one. 

Right before I left the States, I had the good fortune of meeting a couple who allowed me to rent their flat in London for 9 days.  It was centrally located at Baker and Marlebone.  From Heathrow I took the A1 Bus to my door. 

A great way to learn a new city fast is through a bus tour. 

So the first thing I did was hop a Double Decker for the grand tutorial.   That night I took a Walking Tour of Picadilly and Soho.  After that, I learned to use the subway fast.

* * *

Over the next 8 days I went to:

The National Gallery                 Outstanding Historical Art Museum

Imperial War Museum                A First Rate War Museum

Tower of London                        Excellent history of England

London Dungeon                        Excellent history of England

London Space Museum              Planet Travel, Space Exploration, and Doctor Who

The Planetarium                        Good Show

London Pub Walk                       Great Selection of Pubs, Brews, and Stories

Madame Tussuads                     My flat was right across the street from the famed Museum

Regents & Hyde Parks               Slower Pace, Sunday Speeches

Jack the Ripper Walk                Trace the steps of Jack the Ripper

Harrods                                      The Famous English Department Store

Oxford Street                             Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Westminster                               Parliament Walk

Thames River Walk                    Very nice at dusk

Subway Tour                              Gets You around fast

Thames Boat to Greenwich       Too long of a ride and river scenery dull

                                                       - Ship Museum in Greenwich                          

                                                            - Interesting History and Figurines

Pubs, Pubs, Pubs                       You'll get used to warm brew fast!

* * *

London is spectacular!   

There is tons of stuff to do.    Lots of Museums.    And a very diverse population.

Take the Tube.    Learn the Bus System.    Mingle with the Locals.    And Look Right before you Cross the Street.

You'll learn a lot in London!