The Following List of Books will Greatly Enhance the Average Earthling's Understanding of His/Her Role on this Planet...


The Greatest Thing in the World                              Henry Drummond

As a Man Thinketh                                                      James Allen

The Seven Spiritual Laws                                          Deepak Chopra

Mere Christianity                                                         C.S. Lewis

We are the Beloved                                                     Ken Blanchard

Love is Letting Go of Fear                                         J.D. Jampolsky

Born for Love                                                                Leo Buscaglia

God is the Answer                                                        Dana Gatlin

A Return to Love                                                          Marianne Williamson

The Peace Pilgrim                                                        Ocean Tree Book

The Holy Man                                                                Susan Trott

Jesus CEO                                                                     Laurie B. Jones

God Works the Night Shift                                          Ron Mehl

The Infinite Way                                                           Joel S. Goldsmith

A Course in Miracles                                                    Foundation for Inner Peace

Are You Happy                                                              Dennis Wholey

Handbook to Higher Consciousness                         Ken Keyes Jr.

The Celestine Prophecy                                              James Redfield

How to Want What You Have                                     Timothy Miller

Mutant Message                                                           Marlo Morgan

Staying on the Path                                                      Wayne W. Dyer

The Way to Happiness                                                 Alfred Montapert

Peace on Earth Begins with You                                Faridi McFree

Embraced by the Light                                                 Betty J. Eadie

The Artist's Way                                                            Julia Cameron

In the Spirit                                                                    Susan L. Taylor

Daily Stepping Stones                                                  Helen Steiner Rice

Random Acts of Kindness                                           Conari Press

Power Thoughts                                                            Robert Schuller

Spiritual Economics                                                      Eric Butterworth

Your Erroneous Zones                                                  Wayne W. Dyer

Letters to My Son                                                          Kent Nerburn

The Power of Myth                                                        Joseph Campbell

The Power of Positive Prophecy                                 Alan Vaughan

Handbook of Positive Prayer                                       Hypatia Hasbrouck

The Flow of Life                                                              Eric Butterworth

The Power of the Mind to Heal                                    Joan Borysenko

Success through a Positive Mental Attitude            Napolean Hill

Happiness is an Inside Job